Peril of Faerun

Chapter 1

While relaxing at the Mermaid’s Behest, a Baulder’s Gate inn, the party discovered a robbery taking place. They stopped the thieves and returned the stolen gold, but Theodore and Fizzit lost their lives in the process.

Chapter 2

Finding Erik, a merchant traveling to Waterdeep who needed protection, the party agreed to help. Not one day later, the merchant caravan was attacked by goblins, wolves, and a hobgoblin. After a life-threatening battle, the party continued to Dragonspear.

Chapter 3.0

Hearing wondrous tales of Castle Dragonspear, the party followed Ordrik and Norn (two dwarves from Dragonspear) east of Dragonspear. However, the two dwarves were coerced into escorting the party into a trap set by hobgoblins. An ambush of hobgoblins interrupted the party’s travel. After defeating the attackers, the party took one hobgoblin hostage and returned to Dragonspear.

Chapter 3.1

The party enters Dragonspear, turns the hobgoblin over to the authorities, purchases new armor, and considers their next action. Soon, they discover a midnight meeting with a buyer for a greatsword the party found. However, the party finds Melisa missing from her store.

Chapter 3.2

The party searches for Melisa and informs the authorities on her disappearance. Unable to locate her, the party prepares for the midnight meeting.

Chapter 3.3
In The Dark

Having successfully rescued Melisa, the party makes preparations to leave Dragonspear for Daggerford.

Accompanied by a Ranger Of The Mist, Erik’s caravan sets off on The Trade Way.

As the rain and cold set in, the caravan is forced to seek refuge in an abandoned barn, where they are set upon by Hobgoblins and Bugbears!

Chapter 3.4
The Trade Way

The party successfully defeat their would-be ambushers but at the cost of the Dragonborn Osmund’s life.

Chapter 3.5
The Road There

The party continue their journey, meeting some Rangers of the Mist along the way who share disturbing rumors with them.

After arriving in Daggerford, the party find that their caravan leader, Erik, is not who he seems – and that the Hobgoblin army, the Red Fang, are being led by a mysterious leader called Gorthrak Durghul.

Chapter 3.6

Having convinced the beholder (spectator) to keep hobgoblins and basilisks from entering Daggerford from a secret tunnel, the party went to meet Hector and Dagonet at the Order.

Some convincing later, and the party rode owls to Mt. Illefarn, discovered the hobgoblin base, and returned to the Order. After explaining what we saw, the order, led by Brunor, returned to Mt. Illefarn to stop the hobgoblins.

Chapter 3.7

The party, with help from the Order, stopped Gorthrak and his army, and then returned to Daggerford. There, the Order rewarded the party with treasure and an estate called Andromeda’s Hall.


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