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  • A wizard named Lorne of Neverwinter is searching for the hand of Vecna, and two of the liches that were on board the Celaeno were set free, with the third one being sunken with the boat. It is believed that one of these three is actually Vecna himself.
  • The Lords’ Alliance believes that the Zhentarim are taking over Silverymoon.
  • A group of doppleganger assassins were sent by the “Fire Knives” in Westgate
  • Rildo’s Cart was stolen, it’s northeast of Daggerford.
  • Togg hung in stables in Daggerford, killed by lady with black hair, red dress.
  • The blacksmith at Dragonspear, Siffen, believes that there is some strange worg migration happening – worgs are moving south.
  • The hobgoblin Qur has claimed a ransom for returning him to the eastern hobgoblin outpost of Trollbark Forest.
  • The PCs have a bounty on their heads issued by the Red Fang hobgoblins.
  • Something something goblin cave between Baldur’s Gate and Dragonspear.

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  • Lords’ Alliance
  • Zhentarim
  • Rangers of the Mist
  • The Order of the Rising Moon
  • The Red Fang

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